Don't mess with Texas especially not their rivers. With several epic river floats you could spend a floating weekend in these parts.

San Marcos River

The San Marcos River in texas is the ideal place to soak up the rays while tubing or floating down the river. A popular spot but fun for everyone. Drop down natural banks and over rapids.


The Guadalupe river is one of the biggest rivers in Texas and runs long and windy. Floating the gaudalupe river can be a long tubing journey.


The Comal River through the Bavarian town of New Braunfels bills itself as the shortest river in the world. This little river has a big reputation and has been called the "amusement park" of Texas river floating. You'll find multiple chute channels around the stepped drops in the river, which are a god damn blast.


The Frio river is one of the most well-known rivers in Texas and has beautiful clear water, though it can be a little cold ("Frio" means cold, after all!). Not as packed as the Guadalupe or Comal, so a good spot to avoid crowds on busy Summer weekends.