The sin city isn't the only option in this beautiful state. Spend some time to explore more and go floating in the silver state.


The most popular drop in points for tubing are Mayberry Park and Chrissie Caughlin Park. Basically you start on the outskirts of town and float right through the heart of Reno. Because of this, parking and river access points are easy to come by. Watch our for the weirs in the river that you'll need to get out and walk around. Mayberry to Wingfield Park is about 3-4 hours Chrissie Caughlin to Wingfield is around 2 hours

Colorado River

This was the site of the world's largest floating event, hosting up to 30,000 people annually. Sadly 2016 was the last year of the Bullhead Regatta as the city council received numerous complaints about trash left in the river etc. Hopefully they bring it back one day! You'll find the waterway is frequented by powerboats, so stay clear of those guys and make sure you're visible to them. Best to wear a lifejacket as well. Expect the float to take about 3-4 hours