Our Story

Why floating? Because floating is the best thing you can do on a Summer day. Grab a book or some tunes and relax, or get a bunch of friends together and make a party of it. Either way, you’re floating and we’re here to help you be great at it.

Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, we’ve been floating for years on whatever we could find – air mattresses, noodles, inner-tubes, etc. We tried them all but never found an inflatable that had what we needed for a day at the lake or on the river. We spent our summers rigging up mass-produced inflatables with cup-holders, coolers, shower radios, tethers, anchors, and hood ornaments. Eventually it dawned on us that if we were ever going to have the perfect floating vessel, we’d have to design it from scratch. After three years of testing and countless notes made on bar napkins, our first product was born - The SS Goodtimes. Since then we’ve helped thousands of people have a better Summer, which is what it’s really all about.

See you on the water!

-John and Dave, Dreamboats Founders.