The second largest Province in Canada will surely have some amazing floats.


The Elora Gorge route has been described as 95% calm, 5% rapids, but the rapids sections are very intense and shouldn't be taken lightly. You'll see a lot of helmets on the river, and for good reason. Be safe, not dumb. The float takes about 45 minutes and it is believed that you can only take the rental innertubes out on the river. Check with the office and bring a Dreamboat just in case. This route is operated by local Convervation Authority. They rent tubes and apparently operate a shuttle service. The river is closed for tubing at times, so check the conditions page here:: https://www.grandriver.ca/en/outdoor-recreation/Beach-and-tubing-conditions.aspx Also of note, alcohol is banned in the park.


This route of the Grand River takes about 4-5 hours to complete. There is a dam around the corner from the Blake Ave exit, so pick your exit point wisely.

Kaministiqua River

This is a wide river, which moves pretty slow in spots, but still has some quick rapids sections on it. Make sure those sections are safe before proceeding as the water levels will greatly affect the danger level. Information on duration of this float is hard to come by. If you have details please let us know. Ask the locals about your route before heading out. Access points on the river are sparse, so longer floats might be the only option here.

Gull River

This float rolls right through the town of Minden, so it's easy to adjust the length of your float due to the frequent access points and parking options. Details on duration of this float are hard to come by, so best to ask the locals how long your planned route is going to take.

Suageen River

This is a slow moving float that takes two hours to go from the Dam to the Saugeen Riverbank Campground. The full length is about 5 hours

Vermillion River

Slow moving river that will take up to 5 hours to run the full length. River access is spotty, so your options are limited for duration adjustments.

Credit River

This river has at least one little dam on it that you're going to have to get out and portage around. No details on the duration of the float were available, so try something shorter if it's your first time.