Size Guide

Are you confused about which vessel you want to spend your summer floating on this year. Are you hitting a lake for a weekend or maybe you are sending it down a river and want to know the best possible tube for your adventure. Well you have come to the right page. Our size guide will help you get through that nail-bitting page clicking amazon scrolling tape measuring experience. As always we love to help ensure you have the best day on the water so send us any questions and we'll help you make the best possible choice.


The S.S GOODTIMES, is our eldest child and the original Model. Built to navigate winding rivers and outdoor adventuring. The vision for this vessel was to create a perfect shape and size to allow you to paddle with your arms while you dangle your feet. Inflated haul for extra cushion. We kept this one sealed off from the water because sometimes the sun is hot but the water is freezing. We added just enough air volume around the perimeter to rest your head comfortably to stare up and daydream in the clouds.

SIZE: 60" LONG x 38" WIDE x 12" HIGH

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The Heatwave was designed and tailored for the full lounging experience. Think lazy boy on the lake with enough manoeuvrability to paddle out and find those sunny patches. Independent head rest and valves to let water in when the water temperature permits.

SIZE: 44" LONG x 42" WIDE x 12" HIGH


The Two Can Double Tube. This is a beautiful creation designed to take you and your lover, friend, buddy, bro, sister, cousin, mom, dad, whoever you want to share an epic day of floating with. Using the same technology built into the seats as the Heatwave allows you to sit in water or close the valve on those colder days when you would rather keep dry. A massive 15 pack cooler bag has you covered for ice cold beverages, egg salad sandwiches or a jug of milk to keep cool while you bake in the sun. The additional pocket is the perfect spot for chips, towels, sandals, cats without claws or whatever you feel you may need by your side throughout the day. Not interested in staring into the eyes of your chosen float partner any more? Swap the Banana headrests and you can both face the sunset or tag-team paddle back to the dock.

SIZE: 91" LONG x 42" WIDE x 12" HIGH