FLOAT Georgia!


The upper section of the Cartecay is much more mellow than the lower section. The lower section past the Lower Cartecay Bridge has class 2/2+ rapids, so you should wear a lifejacket and be a strong swimmer to run that part. Safety first! The two sections aren't too long, so expect the whole route to take about 4-5 hours


Float the Hooch! A slow, mellow float suitable for families or rafting up with your pals. No rapids or major hazards to worry about. The two routes offer similar scenery, so chosoe your route based on the duration. The upper section is about 1.5 miles and the lower section is 4.5. Plan on the lower section taking up to 6 hours, depending on the water levels.


Beautiful, winding river long the border of Georgia and south Carolina. The water can be a little chilly, so best to go on a hot Summer day. The route from Overflow Creek to Highway 28 access take about 5 hours. Hwy 28 to Earl's Ford access is around 7 hours There are a number of rapids on the river that you may want to walk around. Safety first! Rules of the river: 1. Everyone must register at the access point 2. No floating allowed upstream of the Highway 28 bridge 3. No air mattresses allowed. 4. Lifejackets are required 5. "Inner tubes" are not allowed below Earl’s Ford exit point


Tubing this fun section of the Toccoa River near Blue Ridge, Georgia takes 1.5 - 2 hours The Toccoa is dam controlled, so the ride will change a lot depending on the water release schedule, which is available here: