Float Responsibly


  • The routes on our float maps are largely based on information collected online.  While the internet is a great resource for funny videos, up-to-date river float info is very hard to come by. Keep in mind that rivers change all the time and old web postings don't. Don't blindly take our word for it on these routes.  You are responsible for your own actions, so respect the danger and ask locals who have done the float before if your plan is safe.
  • Legal note!  Dreamboats is not responsible for any actions taken, damage caused, cost incurred, or injuries/deaths resulting from the use of these float maps.  Be safe!



We started Dreamboats because we love floating – especially river floating.  We want to make sure the good times keep going so we're passing on some tips to keep you safe and having fun:


Don’t be a dick

  • Most rivers flow by a good chunk of private property - you’re literally floating by people’s backyards.  Nobody likes people littering and peeing in their backyard.  Be respectful so that these neighbors don’t have any excuse to complain to city council, police etc.  This is how river access gets limited and more rules get put in place.
  • If you’re making a party of it, be mindful that not everyone else is.  If you find your party floating next to some quiet families, pull out for a few minutes and let them go by.  If you want a quiet day, pick your route accordingly and avoid long weekends.  You can always pull up and let the partiers go by instead of getting angry.  Anger is not what floating is about.
  • No glass on the river!  Broken glass sucks.


Know your river

  • Floating has inherent dangers that you need to be mindful of – strong currents, shallow water, rapids, terrain traps etc are frequent on most rivers in our maps.  People die river floating every year and you need to be mindful of the risks.
  • The routes on our float Maps are largely based on information posted online.  Rivers change and old info doesn’t get updated, so don’t trust these maps 100%.  Ask around with the locals before you go and make sure the route is still floatable.
  • Make sure everyone in the group is aware of the entry and exit points in case you get separated.
  • Read up on the river you’re floating.  If you haven’t done it before, ask a local in town what the river is like and what hazards to watch out for.
  • Water levels can affect the flow of rivers dramatically.  Early Summer means more water, colder temps, faster flow, and bigger rapids.  Ask the nice man at the grocery store if your plan is going to work at that time of year.


Safety First

  • Dreamboats always recommends having life jackets, especially for those who aren’t strong swimmers or on routes with larger rapids.
  • Don’t float alone – floating is best mixed with friends. Bring somebody along to high five and to watch out for you.
  • Mixing booze/drugs with floating greatly increases the danger.  In our minds, there’s nothing better than a cold beer on the river, but 12 is a recipe for trouble.  Even if you’re a strong swimmer or in shallow water, all it takes is a quick rollover and a rock to the head.
  • Wear shoes!  They’ll help with any portaging you need to do and make life more bearable if your inflatable pops and you need to walk out.
  • Wear sunscreen – Floating gives you the perfect angle to the sun for tanning – or burning.
  • Be safe when you’re hooking up.  Never tie your inflatable to any part of your body.  If it gets caught on something, so do you.