The Heatwave - Press Release

April 10, 2016 0 Comments

The Heatwave - Press Release

Dreamboats Releases Revolutionary Heatwave Party Lounger Inflatable

VANCOUVER, BC, April 10, 2016 – Floaters rejoice!  Dreamboats has done it again!  After launching their first inflatable in 2013, the SS Goodtimes, Dreamboats is launching their highly-anticipated second design in May 2016.  The Heatwave is a one-person lounger with unmatched features and comfort based on two years of product development.

Dreamboats has been designing and selling inflatables since 2013, when the SS Goodtimes cooler boat was launched.  Aiming to build upon their initial success, Dreamboats focused on developing unique features that would set The Heatwave apart from the competition and capture the imagination of the floating public.

Co-founder Dave Kirkham explains, “We wanted to be able to regulate waterflow in the seat to adapt The Heatwave to varying temperatures.  To achieve this, we added four one-inch plugs to the seat panel.  Floaters can cool off by opening the plugs, allowing water into the seat.  In the evenings or in cooler climates, keeping them plugged allows the floater to stay warm and dry.  The Heatwave is the most versatile inflatable on the planet.”

Furthermore, Dreamboats sought to include all of the accessories one would need for a day of floating.  “Floating is a social activity”, says Co-founder, John Minns. “We include a carabiner and five-foot lace so you can easily raft up with your friends, regardless of what they’re floating on.  This year we’re also including a six-pack cooler bag with every Dreamboats product.  The cooler fits snugly into one of the two storage pockets on The Heatwave and is detachable so you can take it on all your adventures this Summer.”

The Heatwave leans on the SS Goodtimes for inspiration and takes the best features of the first Dreamboats product, such as a colorful, collage-style graphic, dual handles, and supervalve.  “The supervalve became my favorite feature of the SS Goodtimes.  The wide-mouth design fits any pump and inflates in less than a minute.  It also eliminates the annoyance of squeezing air out of your inflatable at the end of the day.  Just pop the valve and your Dreamboat deflates in under a minute.”