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Summer Planning Hot Tips

Summer is often won in the Springtime. This is when you can book your vacation days (and sick days) strategically to maximize your exposure to water, sand, and sunshine.  That being said, planning isn’t super fun for most people and having the flexibility to react to changes in weather etc is super important.  Here’s our tips for kicking Summer’s ass this year:

1. Use social media to your advantage.  Make a post about a cool place you want to go and get people to sign up.  Create a Facebook event and invite all the people you want.  Make it a private event so your crazy ex doesn’t find out about your plans

2. Google the name of your state/province and “camping reservations” to book a spot online and find new locations.  Reserve as far out as possible.  If you have a good weekend, book it for the following year when you get home

3. If you find a nice campsite that’s a little too busy, browse the surrounding area on Google Maps to see if there are any other beaches/lakes/rivers to check out.  This is the best way to find off-the-radar camping spots and swimming holes.  If there’s one lake or beach, there’s probably more real close by

4. Buy equipment from Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire, etc that you only need for a specific trip and then return it when you get back – you’re never going to use those snowshoes again

5. If you’ve only got one car, bring some bikes for shuttling back and forth from river entry and exit points.  Drunk driving is also super shitty

6. If there’s a fire ban in place, bring along a propane fireplace.  It will give you something to drink beer beside when the sun goes down

7. Pack paper plates and burn em after use.  Doing dishes sucks

8. Buy clothes from a thrift store and burn those after use as well.  Burning shit is fun and all those stains aren’t coming out anyways

9. Remember to bring a glowstick to tie around your dog’s collar so he’s easy to find in the dark and freaks out the stoned teenagers next door

10. If you’re going floating, bring a backup floatie or two in case one pops – especially if there’s a large group

11. Do all your pre-trip grocery shopping at Wendy’s.  Burgers will be fine for a couple days and the grocery store doesn’t have a drive-thru - less time shopping, more time vacationing

12. If you’re going to be floating a river, keep the water levels in mind when scheduling the trip.  Most rivers are best floated earlier in the summer before the river gets too shallow. Lakes and beaches are usually best to visit in August when it’s hot as hell.

13. For river float trips, try to find a place to stay that you can end your float at.  Always nice not to have to car shuttle, you can have a bbq immediately upon exit, and no designated drivers are required (always float responsibly)

14. Don’t forget about September.  The weather is still nice and the kids are back in school so more spots are available and you’ll be able to smoke and swear without pissing too many parents off.

15. Don’t take selfies on your trip.  Bears hate them and will likely attack you if they see it happening.