We are rich Nigerian princesses imprisoned in… no, wait - we’re the founders of Dreamboats! We create inflatable floating vessels designed not for 8 year olds or outdoorsmen, but for people like you who simply want to party on the water with their pals. 

Why float? Floating will reunite you with nature while simultaneously providing you with countless new friend requests and endless opportunity for warm-weather relaxation. Floating is your one way ticket to low-commitment summer adventures; it’s the only water-sport requiring little to no physical exertion and very high chances of enjoying a refreshment. For these and any other ridiculous reasons, we want to share floating with the masses.

Growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, we’ve been floating for years on whatever we could find – air mattresses, noodles, inner-tubes, etc.  We spent hours duct taping on cup-holders, coolers, and shower clock radios to customize inflatables to suit our simple floating needs.  Eventually it dawned on us that if we were ever going to have the perfect floating vessel, we’d have to design it ourselves.  After three years of testing and countless notes made on bar napkins, our first product was born - The SS Goodtimes.

The SS Goodtimes was designed for pleasure and ease of adult floating enjoyment.

All our vessels include:

-       A built-in 6 pack cooler for beverages and floating treasures

-       A cup holder for chilled refreshments

-       Two handles for portaging through the occasional rocky waters and oh sh*t moments

-       A 5-foot-long ‘Let’s Hook Up’ lace for making new friends on the water (floaters flock together.)

-       A carabineer to secure belongings. Lie back and enjoy the view!

 We are busy spreading the good word about floating and we’d love your help. Share your life of floating leisure, secret float spots, misadventures and swimwear selfies with us using the hashtag #picturemefloating, and we might even reward your efforts.

See you on the water!

- John and Dave, Dreamboats Founders

We’re blowing up!